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August 25th, 2020

The transport industry is subjected to a multitude of legal regulations for monitoring of driving-, working-, and resting times of their drivers. Drivers and companies equally share the responsibility to meet legal requirements. Violations are punished with high fines for drivers and companies. The total fine requested by the surveillance authority can easily reach several thousand Euros. TachoLOG® assists you to fulfill various legal requirements and allows automated evaluation and archiving of data from your digital and smart tachographs.

Legal requirements

The following legal requirements can easily be mastered with TachoLOG®:

  • regular data transfer from the tachograph of your vehicles and all driver cards
  • backup of data
  • evaluation of data based on various criteria
  • generation of reports from the data
  • archiving of data of the vehicle and the driver card

Summary of appointments & due dates

Everything at one glance: Right after starting your TachoLOG® system all appointments are shown in chronological order. Appointments can be grouped, sorted, and filtered as required. You can choose, which appointment type should be displayed (e.g. readout driver card, tachograph calibration, renewal of driving license.)

Verification management

Transport operators must be able to verify their actions taken in accordance with applicable legal requirements vis-à-vis regulatory authorities. This task can be accomplished with TachoLOG®! Independent from the selected topic (driver instruction, module training, speedometer check) – the required documents are at your disposal at any time - instantly and neatly arranged!

Fully automated remote download

You want even more automation?  No problem. The connection of a telematic box to your tachograph enables you to transfer the data from your vehicles mass-storage device, as well as driving data from the digital tachograph to the system of your company and automatically uploads them in your TachoLOG® system. Driving- and resting times are automatically downloaded according to legally required intervals. These data provide a reliable source for planning. The real-time data about remaining driving times help your drivers to pro-actively avoid violations and fines. Legal requirements for data management of your digital tachograph, as well as the legally required surveillance of driving-, working-, and resting-times are being adhered to.

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