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Calculate Toll Costs for Your Tours Easily

Calculate Toll Costs for Your Tours Easily

BlueLOGICO® saves costs

Lesezeit: 3 minutes | Monday, 30. Sep 2019

Accurate Toll Calculation with the Toll Module in BlueLOGICO®

With the new toll calculator from TachoEASY, fleet managers and dispatchers have a powerful tool at their disposal to calculate the costs incurred for all toll roads and highways in Europe - for every vehicle class, every vehicle profile, and for any desired origin-destination combination. In addition, TachoEASY's new toll module takes into account the pollutant classes of trucks, the number of axles of the vehicles, discrepancies between planned and actual kilometers driven, and many other cost-relevant details. The new toll feature for BlueLOGICO® is an intelligently programmed tool for accurate cost estimation within fleet management. It prevents unexpected costs during truck route planning and offers the dispatcher maximum cost transparency.

Optimize Routes, Reduce Costs

The new toll calculator for BlueLOGICO® is an enormous relief for many fleet managers. With its various applications, it ultimately offers dispatchers numerous opportunities for implementing route optimizations as well as short- and long-term cost reductions. And let's not forget: To ensure that the user always has the latest information for route planning, TachoEASY's developers regularly incorporate the latest fees and route changes into the toll module's database.

Integrated at Three Points

Practical and very user-friendly, BlueLOGICO® users can bring up the new toll calculator at three different points in their software. Depending on the question, work routine, or workflow of the dispatcher, it can be called up in both the tour planning area and the route tracking module, as well as for ad-hoc calculation of individual route segments. During tour planning, the toll calculator visualizes the complete road fees for the tours created. In route tracking, on the other hand, the dispatcher can calculate the toll costs for the actual distances traveled by each vehicle. Finally, the ad-hoc calculation offers the opportunity to evaluate and select individual route segments (point-to-point) based on the toll costs incurred. All three variants also offer summary and detail views. In the summary view, TachoEASY's toll module displays both the total costs of a tour and the various types of road fees; in the detailed visualization, it focuses on tolls for each individual road.

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