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Advantages of Telematics #3

Advantages of Telematics #3

Increasing fleet safety

Lesezeit: 4 minutes | Thursday, 13. Dec 2018

Welcome to "Advantages of Telematics Part 3". In our last article in this series, we discussed the economic benefit that can arise from the use of telematics systems, which could primarily be attributed to three parameters. In today's post, we'll focus on the impact of telematics on the safety of companies and drivers, covering four aspects.

Quick response in the event of an accident or breakdown

Through the digital connectivity of drivers, fleet, and company, there's increased transparency of the fleet, allowing better monitoring. Fleet managers and dispatchers have a clearer overview of the current status and operations of the fleet, enabling them to quickly identify issues such as a truck deviating from a route. Besides fleet managers being able to detect abnormalities, drivers can also swiftly report an accident or breakdown. Once drivers are equipped with the TEOS® app or the DriverDisplay, messages can be sent securely between driver and company through an integrated messaging center, facilitating prompt response in case of an accident. Thus, a telematics system supports both the company and the driver in the event of an accident.

Reduced theft risk of vehicles and assets

An important function of telematics systems is tracking and traceability. The current location of vehicles and objects equipped with telematics boxes can be checked in real-time, with past position changes also displayed. In the event of theft, equipped vehicles and objects can be traced, allowing for easy recovery and securing of property. Telematics systems also have a deterrent effect as thieves cannot be sure if a vehicle or object has a hidden telematics box.

Safer driving thanks to Eco Trainer

By connecting a telematics box in the vehicle, telemetry data such as engine speed, throttle position, cruise control, braking events, etc., are captured and transmitted. Combined with data from the telematics box's acceleration sensor and the altitude profile from GPS data, the BlueLOGICO® system analyzes driving behavior on a uniform basis. With the Driver Behavior Analysis module, the analyzed data of individual drivers' driving behavior can be visualized and evaluated. This provides real-time and continuous training for drivers, promoting anticipatory and safe driving, thereby increasing the safety of drivers and other road users.

Focused accident prevention

In addition to increased fleet transparency, anticipatory driving behavior of drivers, and the ability to track vehicles and objects, past "hazardous routes" can also be considered in planning new routes, leading to targeted accident prevention.

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