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Warning: Avoid Issues with RDL!

Warning: Avoid Issues with RDL!

Please note the following information.

Lesezeit: 1 minute | Friday, 19. Jan 2024

Dear customers,

with this article, we would like to inform you about a potential issue regarding the use of remote downloads.

Recently, there have been increasing problems with the use of RDL. We have investigated this issue and found that using an expired company card in combination with the tachograph generates problems with RDL that can only be resolved by your workshop with an update of the tachographs.

What does VDO say?

VDO states in the service information: In 2021, we have seen an increase in reports of problems with the remote download function of the DTCO 4.0 device. We have analyzed these reports and found that the remote download function of the DTCO 4.0 devices no longer works with expired company cards when they have been read into the DTCO remotely. We have therefore developed a software update that includes the following functions: Non-affected devices are protected against problems with RDL, and for affected devices, the full functionality of RDL is restored.

What can you do if you already have problems with remote downloads?

In case you already have problems with RDL, you will need to have an update of your tachographs carried out at your workshop. You can read more about the issue in the official service information from VDO or forward the service information to your workshop in case of problems.

We hope that this information has saved you costs and expense and wish you a safe journey ahead!

*VDO's service information SI-No.: 1000005

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