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A strong feature for a strong fleet

A strong feature for a strong fleet

DriverDisplays Tour module achieves a lot.

Lesezeit: 3 minutes | Tuesday, 23. Jan 2024

In the modern logistics industry, efficiency is crucial, and the DriverDisplay plays a central role in this regard. The DriverDisplay revolutionizes tour planning and optimizes the flow of information. In this article, we will take a closer look at how the Tour Module on the DriverDisplay improves workflows and elevates tour planning to a new level.

What is the DriverDisplay?

The DriverDisplay is a tablet with the powerful TEOS app, specifically designed for truck drivers. The tablet serves as the information hub for your drivers, integrating advanced modules like the Tour Module, which we will examine in detail here.

Use Case 1: Tour Overview on the Tablet

The Tour Module provides a comprehensive overview of all stops on a tour, from start to finish, including intermediate stops and individual orders. Everything is easily accessible at a glance. By simply clicking on the "i" button, drivers can access detailed information about each stop.

Use Case 2: Delivery of Goods with PDFs

A key feature of the Tour Module is the ability to manage PDFs directly on the DriverDisplay. In the detailed view of an order, drivers can access not only information about the type of order, resources, and deadlines but also all relevant PDFs. This means that loading and unloading instructions, interactive forms, and more are available directly on the tablet.

Use Case 3: Contact Persons

The integration of contact persons at the stops adds an additional dimension to the Tour Module. Drivers not only have access to PDFs but also to contact information for individuals at each stop. This enables direct communication via email, phone call, or SMS to address any questions or issues during the tour.

Use Case 4: Start Truck Navigation to the Next Tour Point

No need for tedious typing of addresses and searching for the best route: With a single click, your drivers can start navigation to the next tour point using the DriverDisplay's "CoPilot" navigation. CoPilot is designed to minimize distractions for the driver, providing alerts only when necessary. Route planning is optimized based on the vehicle, cargo, and number of intermediate stops.

Experience More Power

The use cases presented here are just a fraction of the capabilities of the Tour Module on the DriverDisplay. If you want to learn more and elevate your tour planning to the next level, schedule a consultation today. Our team is ready to show you all the features of the DriverDisplay and discuss customized solutions for your needs.

With the DriverDisplay and its outstanding Tour Module, not only is efficiency increased, but communication and flexibility in the logistics industry are also taken to new heights. Discover how you can optimize your tour planning with this innovative technology.

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