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What features do good telematics systems offer? #3

What features do good telematics systems offer? #3

Part 3 of 3

Lesezeit: 2 minutes | Wednesday, 27. Jun 2018

In our last post "What features do good telematics systems offer? Part 2" we introduced the following features of telematics systems:

  • Remaining Driving Time
  • Driving Style Analysis & Eco-Trainer
  • Driving License Check
  • Fuel Consumption Analysis
  • Billing

In addition to the aforementioned features, telematics systems should offer further functions and extensions. Below are additional telematics functions that contribute to optimizing operations in your company and increasing fleet efficiency:

CO2 Calculation and Analysis

Telematics systems can calculate and analyze CO2 emissions, allowing companies to track their environmental impact and make informed decisions to reduce carbon footprint.


Telematics systems also offer effective solutions here to keep an eye on sensors such as your refrigeration chain and to be able to display and argue the temperature curve to the customer with just a click. Refrigeration temperature recorders can continuously record the refrigeration chain and trigger an alarm immediately in case of deviations from predefined values. Any interruption in the refrigeration chain and the reaction to it are thus traceable at any time. In addition to monitoring the refrigeration chain, many telematics systems offer additional sensor technology, such as monitoring tire pressure.

Trailer tracking & trailer management

Do you always know exactly where your trailers, containers, semitrailers, and machines are? Definitely with the trailer tracking function. With some telematics systems, you can display the positions of trailers, containers, and semitrailers up to two meters precisely on a clear map. This helps to maintain an overview and efficiently manage the trailers.


Every company is different and has its own requirements and needs. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a telematics provider who will work with you to determine your requirements. This can involve analyzing the fleet, processes, and other KPIs, and then working out the potential for optimization.

Next week, we will focus on the TEOS® app. The TEOS® app is a powerful telematics app that makes it easier and cheaper than ever to enter the world of telematics.

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