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Higher route efficiency and greater legal certainty

Higher route efficiency and greater legal certainty

TachoEASY presents Powertool for intelligent violation and fine analysis

Lesezeit: 5 minutes | Wednesday, 06. Mar 2024

Higher route efficiency and greater legal certainty

TachoEASY presents Powertool for intelligent violation and fine analysis

The software tacholog² by TachoEASY is currently one of the most powerful tools for digital tachograph data archiving. It is available in three variants and offers entrepreneurs a variety of functions for reading, evaluating, and storing driver and vehicle data. Just a few days ago, the Austrian FM specialist introduced a new system feature for this purpose: an intelligent violation and fine analysis that opens up previously unthinkable possibilities for fleet optimization and legal protection of the company for forwarders.

Many forwarders and transport companies in Austria and Germany use the tacholog² software from TachoEASY for tachograph data archiving as part of digital fleet management. Thanks to regular updates, they can be sure that their system is always up-to-date technically and legally. However, now there is an additional, completely newly developed system feature for violation and fine evaluation that is available to traffic managers, fleet managers, and entrepreneurs. The most important aspect of this tool is that by analytically combining up to ten different parameters from the data sets of tacholog² and the German fine catalog, this tool achieves a performance that far exceeds the capabilities of previously known programs for violation and fine evaluation. As a result, the entrepreneur can derive far-reaching decisions for optimizing their fleet, the legal certainty of their activities, and the future security of their company from the quality of the results. Especially for forwarders who are increasingly concerned about the amount of their fines, the new tool from TachoEASY is likely to prove to be a perfect addition to fleet management. Although the amount of the penalty in Austria is at the individual discretion of the police officers or inspectors, the German fine catalog also serves as a useful, guiding calculation basis for Austrian companies.

In-depth analysis

The exceptional depth of processing of the new violation and fine evaluation by TachoEASY is evident to the entrepreneur on the screen in the form of numerous reports. Each report is based on different focus analyses that the software performs fully automatically. For example, there is the Annual Overview report, which compares the number of monthly violations of individual drivers and the resulting fine calculations over the course of a year. When the entrepreneur clicks on the Graphical Representation report, the software shows them in a diagram the cumulative amount of fines and the percentage of violations per working day - referred to as the VA quotient. The Driver Activities report visualizes individually and in total, in addition to the working days per driver, the violations during these working days, and the corresponding fines, all other driver activities - such as rest periods, working, and driving times. Another report breaks down violation notices with their tolerances. It combines the number of working days of the drivers and their VA quotients as well as the number of violations per ten driving hours (VL10 quotient). It also documents which violations lasted longer than 15 and 30 minutes. The entrepreneur can thus see which drivers commit serious and costly violations.

Further reports testify to the analytical depth of the new tacholog² evaluation tool. For example, they list the different types of violations (including tolerances) and the corresponding fines, identify the negligence of individual drivers so that training content can be tailored accordingly, or record the exact minutes of driving times per vehicle and month that were driven without a inserted driver card. A summary provides a tabular overview of all important results of TachoEASY's new violation and fine analysis.

Reduce costs, increase efficiency!

Each individual result report of the new tacholog² evaluation tool, but especially their overall consideration, provides the entrepreneur with important facts for reducing fine costs, increasing route efficiency, and improving driver qualification. This not only prepares them well for the next operational audit but also enables them to see where tour planning and vehicle scheduling can be optimized. For example, they can now see when and how often drivers have to exceed driving times to complete a route and can adjust the planning accordingly. At the same time, they can read from the reports how high the training needs of their drivers are or whether mistakes were made in the training of the drivers. Legally, they can protect themselves with the help of the new violation and fine analysis and prove their duty to instruct and control as entrepreneurs - that is, that they sanction the violations of their drivers and adjust the training measures accordingly. Last but not least, they can use the results of the tacholog² evaluation tool to illustrate to their drivers the economic importance of their driving behavior for the company. If done correctly, they make a sustainable contribution to team building in their company and to raising awareness among drivers.

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