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New software for truck inspections for the Austrian police

New software for truck inspections for the Austrian police

TachoEASY's Traffic Control System Wins BBG Tender

Lesezeit: 3 Minutes | Monday, 02. Oct 2023

The BBG has decided that the PSK II Austria authority software will be part of the digital toolbox for the Austrian law enforcement. The powerful traffic control system is established in Europe and is currently being enhanced for Austrian law enforcement agencies by TachoEASY. Read here which factors led to the decision of the BBG.

"With the win of the BBG tender, TachoEASY has enabled a unique bridging for all control authorities in Austria, which will gradually switch to the company's systems. This applies in a first step to the Austrian police. Then the labor inspectorate and the financial police will follow," says Chief Inspector Gerhard Fassolder, who is responsible for heavy traffic at the Ministry of the Interior. The TachoEASY Group, which has accumulated a lot of know-how from projects with European authorities in recent years, is currently implementing the PSK II Austria. The company has expert knowledge from more than two decades of successful development work in the field of tachograph and archiving software and is considered the Austrian market leader for digital tachograph data archiving solutions. "These factors have certainly played a major role in the BBG's decision to commission us with the practical implementation of PSK II Austria. Being able to carry out such a task for our home country fills us with pride and joy," says Gerhard J. Mairhofer, CEO of TachoEASY.

Rollout date is approaching

As part of the BBG tender, shortly before the turn of the year 2022/23, it became apparent that the software from TachoEASY best covers the extensive requirements catalog of the BBG. This was followed by weeks and months of intensive programming and development work, during which the software engineers from TachoEASY began to adapt the PSK II Austria system solution to the specific requirements of the Austrian law enforcement agencies. The conditions for a rapid implementation were ideal from the start: The TachoEASY experts were able to directly draw on the expertise of their German colleagues from the software office Zauner GmbH & Co KG, who have been supervising the software as a tool for digitally supported traffic control for several years. Today, the adaptation is largely completed and the rollout date for PSK II Austria is approaching.

With the introduction of PSK II Austria, the Austrian law enforcement will have one of the leading system solutions for comparing and evaluating driver and vehicle data as part of traffic controls. The software's range of services includes all functions and services that police officers need to conduct efficient traffic controls. In addition to functions for capturing all relevant data and analysis tools for detecting violations and manipulations, PSK II Austria offers everything necessary for quickly creating records and reports: Fast data processing, visualization of the control results, intuitive menu navigation - this and much more will noticeably facilitate the work of the officers. The legal and evidential security of the evaluations is guaranteed, as the adaptation of the software to Austrian conditions is consistently based on current case law.

Also part of PSK II Austria is the ability to process data from Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC). The intelligent tachograph, the DTCO 4.0 - on the market since 2019 - has an integrated DSRC interface that allows retrieval of information during a road check. This allows a truck to be inspected while driving or passing by. Via radio, a defined minimum amount of data is transmitted to the controlling officers on-site via the DSRC interface of the DTCO 4.0. The device, mounted on a three-legged telescopic arm at a height of about 2 m, communicates via a Bluetooth interface with the intelligent tachograph and reads 25 different parameters in milliseconds, which immediately indicate possible safety-related suspicions. Only vehicle data and information about safety violations and malfunctions are queried. This enables the control authorities to proceed more selectively and make a meaningful preselection.

tacholog² users have an advantage

Those using tacholog², the tachograph data archiving & analysing software from TachoEASY, also have reason to rejoice about the BBG's choice. With the introduction of PSK II Austria, they will be working in their system with the same tools such as the timeline as the Austrian law enforcement. In other words, they use the same form of data processing and visualization tool as the sanctioning authority. This creates transparency and offers shippers and carriers a high level of legal certainty. The officers, on the other hand, can graphically display the activities of drivers in the selected inspection period from the timeline view and view data and select reports, violation lists, images from evidence, and other documents. Another important feature is the possibility of accident evaluation for courts/authorities. PSK II Austria also provides admonition forms in all European languages and allows the creation of individual reports.

PSK II Austria from TachoEASY can be used on tablets, PCs, and notebooks with the operating systems MS-Windows and MacOS. In order to enable the unrestricted mobility of law enforcement agencies, the system is also tailored to the IOS and Android operating systems.

(from left to right): Johannes Binder, TachoEASY Head of Development next to Hubert Petz, Department Inspector BMI and Federal Coach for Heavy Traffic. Next to him Gerhard Fassolder, Chief Inspector BMI and Chief Officer Heavy Traffic as well as Gerhard J. Mairhofer, CEO TachoEASY.

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