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Wiener Neustadt: New Electronic Fleet Management for the Fleet

Wiener Neustadt: New Electronic Fleet Management for the Fleet

The optimal solution for waste disposal companies

Lesezeit: 3 minutes | Monday, 11. Nov 2019

Together with the company TachoEASY and the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt, the waste management department of the city of Wiener Neustadt is currently working on an electronic fleet management system for its fleet, which is nearing completion. Accordingly, all vehicles are to be equipped with a route guidance program for displaying and optimizing routes in the future.

"The waste management department of the city of Wiener Neustadt has a fleet of 20 waste collection vehicles and is currently managing just over 200 different routes. Due to the complexity and constant growth of our association, this step is necessary. In the future, the driver and his team will be able to communicate with the dispatcher in real time via a mobile phone or tablet. This allows tracking whether bins have already been emptied or still need to be emptied. Broken or not properly presented bins can be recorded, thus establishing a perfect complaint management system."

-explained the responsible councilor LAbg. Franz Dinhobl

What is special is that each garbage bin is recorded according to its location by address and is recorded in the route guidance. On routes with sometimes between 600 to 900 destinations in the form of bins or garbage bags, even less familiar drivers will be able to find hidden garbage containers or locations in the future.

Currently, the system is already being used in the city of Wiener Neustadt and is expected to be extended to all vehicles operating in the district of Wiener Neustadt by the end of the year.

Image (City of Wiener Neustadt/Weller, from left to right): Udo Wiesmüller (Operations Manager Waste Management), Christian Culik and Gerhard J. Mairhofer (both TachoEASY GmbH), LAbg. Councilor Franz Dinhobl, Peter Hirsch (WNSKS Waste Management), as well as Christoph Pöstinger and Martin Romauch (both University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt) present the new system.

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