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High-performance disposition & telematics

Welcome to TachoEASY

We are your specialist for transport and logistics software in Germany and Austria.

Our expertise lies in the development of software and telematics systems that enable small and large freight companies, freight forwarders, transport, and logistics companies to work efficiently and comply with legal requirements in an automated and EASY manner while conserving resources.


While we may have shortcomings and errors, our dedication to our principles is unwavering and uncompromising.

handshake quality

Our commitment is to handle our customers' matters with care and responsibility. We make no empty promises but deliver as agreed upon.

high-powered solutions

The customer is at the center of our considerations, actions, and solutions. Only those who are close to the customer can provide the most powerful solutions.


Our know-how is derived not only from the extensive experience of our employees but also from the insights of our customers and strong partnerships.

Our history

Only those who know where they come from, know where they need to go.

2006: TachoEASY was founded

With the mission to simplify data management around the digital tachograph. Since 2006, the software systems "TachoLOG" and "ZA-ARC" have been developed and sold. 

TachoEasy Gründung 2006

2008: Development of the Remote Download

Customers sought simplification of data downloads. Therefore, in 2008, TachoEASY developed the "Remote-Download" system, which has been proven and stable in operation in more than 10,000 vehicles for several years. The system allows for the direct download of the data required by EU regulations from the vehicle.

2012: Telematics BlueLOGICO® hits the market

The deployed vehicle hardware allows access to specific vehicle data such as engine speed, fuel consumption, and fuel level. The collection, transmission, and analysis of this data are the tasks of the BlueLOGICO® system, which has been continuously developed since 2012. BlueLOGICO® significantly reduces variable fleet costs by approximately 5 percent (fuel, tires, maintenance, and wear and tear).

2013: TEOS® - The Artificial Intelligence

TEOS® is the artificial intelligence linked with all TachoEASY software modules for simplified communication with the user. TEOS® translates posed questions across systems into complex technical queries, establishes intelligent connections, and responds in an easily understandable manner via voice output.

2016: We move into our new office in Pöttelsdorf

A professional team requires a professional office. We are moving into our headquarters in Pöttelsdorf with enough space for further expanding teams.

2014 telematik

2017: TachoEASY and Zauner combine expertise

Since August 1st, Zauner has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of TachoEASY. With this acquisition, the two medium-sized companies strengthen their positions in the international competition among fleet management providers.

Fair competition among themselves and collaborative partnership over the years have led to operational convergence between Zauner and TachoEASY.

2022: tacholog² is launched on the market

Born out of over 10 years of experience and close collaboration with our customers, we are retiring our tachograph archiving software TachoLOG and introducing the new powerful tacholog² to the market.


2023: TachoEASY wins the BBG tender and develops software for the Austrian police

The Federal Procurement Agency has decided that the authority software PSK II Austria will be part of the digital toolbox of the Austrian executive in the future. The powerful traffic control system is established in Europe and is currently being refined by TachoEASY for the Austrian police authorities.


Formation: 2006

Service base: > 400 (D, A, CH)

Customers: >40.000

Employees: >60

Sites: Austria & Germany

Software: 100% in-house-development

TÜV Süd Logo

 Verified quality

We are proud to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for the scope of development, consulting, sales, and provision of software solutions in the areas of scheduling and telematics (for both truck and car fleets), data management for digital tachographs, as well as user training, technical support, and installation.

Strong collaborations

Having strong partners is essential for delivering top-notch performance.

Our reliable partners in the insurance field: IRM Broker

Vorteile bluelogico

Benefits for BlueLOGICO® customers

Customers with an active service contract will benefit in various ways from the cooperation with IRM Broker.

  • Reduce insurance expenses for your fleet through driver performance evaluations. Easily showcase your drivers' responsible vehicle handling with a single click.
  • Enhanced security in case of accidents: Utilize BlueLOGICO® to produce incident reports and expedite the claims process efficiently.

Benefits for all TachoEASY customers

Make the most of the wide range of services available through our partnership with IRM Broker:

  • Access expert knowledge directly within your tacholog²! Through our collaboration, as an maintenance contract customer, you gain entry to an extensive database featuring commonly asked insurance-related questions. Pose inquiries and receive personalized and qualified responses from genuine experts, avoiding generic responses from chatbots.
  • Leverage complimentary resources: We offer efficiently curated free resources across our social media platforms, newsletter, blog, and YouTube channel for your convenience!
Vorteile für alle TachoEASY Kunden
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