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Out now: tacholog² Infraction & Fine-Analysis

Out now: tacholog² Infraction & Fine-Analysis

The perfect complement to your tacholog²

Lesezeit: 8 minutes | Monday, 29. Jan 2024

Discover our new favorite product in the tacholog² world: Our "Violation & Fine Analysis" is more than just a report – it's your key to optimization, legal security, and future fleet safety. This feature now also provides a fine calculation: Since in Austria the penalty amount is at the discretion of the police officer, the German fine catalog serves as a guideline. Noticeably improve your employees' driving behavior, identify patterns and weaknesses in your fleet, and gain a competitive advantage through reduced fines.

The Violation & Fine Analysis report is an add-on product to tacholog² Premium and can now be purchased and activated directly in our webshop. In this article, we want to tell you why we see a key to good fleet management in a simple report and show you how it works.

What are the benefits of the Violation & Fine Analysis?

Fleet optimization means efficient drivers at reduced costs.

Gain detailed insights into each driver's violations and easily compare the resulting fines that would be charged to you during an audit. Our software allows you to perfect your fleet management, identify inefficient routes, and plan targeted training for your drivers.

Legal security for easy fulfillment of your obligations.

Secure yourself optimally for audits and fulfill your obligation to instruct and control as an entrepreneur. Our tool not only allows you to control violations but also to train them specifically to ensure legal security.

Ensuring safety for the future.

By conducting precise analyses, you not only reduce potentially incurred fines but also lay the foundation for long-term security. Identify patterns, optimize driver behavior, and minimize the risk of future violations. Fewer fines not only mean financial savings but also maximum safety for your company.

What is the Violation & Fine Analysis?

The Violation & Fine Analysis is a report that is activated by a one-time purchase in the webshop within your tacholog² Premium. As it is much more than just a report and definitely goes beyond the actual scope of tacholog², the Violation & Fine Analysis is provided as an extra feature.

The report combines concrete calculations of your drivers' violations with evaluations of the associated fines according to the German fine catalog. These two factors, along with others, are output in the following reports:

  1. Annual Overview

The annual overview compares the past year to the current year on a driver level and breaks down on a monthly basis the number of violations of each driver and the resulting fine calculations. At the end of the table, you will find a sum of the fines that would be invoiced to your company during an audit.

  1. Graphical Representation

The diagram shows the annual overview on a monthly basis and compares the so-called VA quotient with the fine amount. The VA quotient is calculated from violations per working day. Thanks to this calculation, you have the opportunity to sensibly compare months with different numbers of working days with each other. From this graphical visualization, you can see at a glance in which months your fleet is particularly cost-effective and gives indications of months in which the fine has significantly increased.

  1. Driver Activities Overview

The overview of driver activities displays the activities performed in the selected period, such as driving time, rest time, etc., summed up on a driver level. This means concretely that you can compare the activities per driver with the resulting violations. You not only see which drivers drive without errors but also which drivers require further training and can simultaneously compare whether there are correlations with the driver activities.

  1. Violation Hints with Tolerances

This report shows the summarized violations on a driver level and relates them to the respective tolerance times. The tolerance times have an impact on the fine amount, meaning the longer the duration of a violation (e.g., exceeding driving time), the higher the penalty. This is where the VL-10 quotient comes into play, which indicates the percentage of violations per 10 driving hours. The explanations provide explanations for each individual driver. Through this presentation, you can identify patterns in drivers and instruct or train them selectively. In addition, this evaluation enables the identification of weaknesses in driver training.

  1. Violation Types with Tolerances

The violation types with tolerances look at the occurring violations based on the type of violation. Here you can see at a glance where the problem areas of your drivers' driving styles lie and what economic damage could result from this behavior. This report can also serve well to raise awareness among your drivers about the effects of their violations.

  1. Violation Types per Driver

This evaluation indicates which violations the respective drivers have committed. So, you can see here if there are common denominators among the violations. For example, if the majority of violations are due to a missing country entry, you can pay special attention to this aspect in the training of your new drivers.

  1. Driving Times without Card for Vehicles

You know how driving a vehicle without an inserted driver card is punished. This listing supports you in recognizing potential damages and discovering vehicles on a vehicle level that are frequently moved without an inserted driver card.

  1. Summary

Finally, you will receive a summary of the insights gained. The summary provides a good basis for comparing the development of your fleet over several reports. For example, it also calculates the average violations of your drivers, a value that can be used as a benchmark for general development.

For your high-powered fleet!

Buy now and benefit

Secure the "Violation & Fine Analysis" today at a one-time price of €350,-. The maintenance contract flat rate will increase by €20 / yearly with the next maintenance invoice.

Click here to purchase your license and shape the future of your fleet.

Request a product demo

Would you like a closer look before purchasing? No problem! Click here to request a free product demo and experience the performance of the "Violation & Fine Analysis" live.

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