RDL – remote download of speedometer data

Module remote download of speedometer data

Using the module RDL – remote download the complete driver and vehicle data are automatically being downloaded and transmitted to you company using the telematic box. In addition, all data are automatically archived in compliance with the law.

Fully automated remote download

TachoEASY transfers the data from your vehicles mass-storage device, as well as driving data from the digital tachograph to the system of your company and automatically uploads them in the software. In addition, driving-, as well as resting-times will be automatically uploaded in accordance with legally required intervals. These data provide a reliable basis for tour planning. The remaining driving time is calculated live. This on-time calculation allows drivers to pro-actively avoid violations and fines. Legal requirements for data management of your digital tachograph, as well as the legally required surveillance of driving-, working-, and resting-times are being adhered to.

Automatic download

The download of data from the diver card is triggered automatically, as soon as the driver enters his driving card into the system the first time on any given day. Vehicle specific details will usually be downloaded at least once a week. The company card is located in the card reader in the office. BlueLOGICO® establishes contact to any given tachographic device in pre-defined intervals and authenticates the download. In case of several, different transactions are attempted simultaneously, a queue will be established automatically.

Your advantages at a glance

  • regular and continuous transmission of tachographic data of all vehicles and driver cards

  • fully automatic download

  • independent of place or time

  • automated import of data into the archiving software TachoLOG®

  • relieving your employees of managing data archiving

  • report creation from existing data

  • expansion of the system to include additional features is possible

TachoLOG® - management of tachographic data

TachoLOG® is your perfect software tool for data management of your tachographic data. Based on legal requirements and the obligation of any company to monitor and keep track of driving-, resting-, and working times of the drivers a number of guidelines have to be adhered to. The TachoLOG® system enables the user to not only archive, but also evaluate and compare the available driver-, company-, control-, and workshop data of your smart tachographic system.

Andreas Schubert – International transports Andreas Schubert

As a self-driving entrepreneur I am on the road most of the time. I prefer using the little free time that is available to me with doing things I like than taking care of downloading and evaluating data of the tachographic system. This is why I am using the fully automated system of TachoEASY. This solution is loading the driver- and vehicle data automatically and even archives the data securely in my PC system. This does not only safe time, but also ensures the legal guidelines are adhered to.

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