Disposition (Planning)

The module disposition (planning)

The module disposition is the perfect start into telematics software. It covers the whole range from location and tracking, through planning of tours and order management, towards individualized and custom-tailored reporting. You are welcome to use these functions to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of your fleet.


Where is driver X? When will freight Y arrive? TEOS® keeps track of the details and answers immediately.

With TEOS®, the TachoEASY operating system Managing Directors and fleet managers possess an intelligent information system. Locations of trucks, specific events or data can be requested directly and instantaneously. TEOS® updates itself continuously and no questions will therefore remain unanswered.

TEOS - Tacho Easy Operating System
Screenshot BlueLOGICO®: Ortung und Spurennachverfolgung

Locating & tracking

Where are my trucks? Are the predefined routes strictly adhered to? TachoEASY provides answers to such questions and several more with the so-called function “track & trace.”  Routes can be monitored in detail using up-to-date and state-of-the-art maps. Breaks, sudden stopps, or erroneous calculations of the route or tour can be spotted as they occur.

Planning and optimization of routes or tours

The tour planning feature allows you to not only plan, but optimize your routes and tours. Exact locations for loading and offloading can be defined and the most efficient succession of the tour, as well as the most efficient sequence of stopps can be calculated. Under consideration of the specifications (i.e. measurements of vehicle, size and weight of cargo, etc.) several other details (i.e. route, travel time, fuel consumption, and COS omissions) can not only be calculated, but also be monitored.

Screenshot BlueLOGICO®: Tourenplanung
Screenshot BlueLOGICO®: Auftragsmanagement

Order management

The order management feature can not only be used to create specific orders fast an easily by using drag-and-drop features to assign specific vehicles. In addition, one can see, if the order can and will be fulfilled in the time available and or delays may have occurred, or may still happen. This allows you to keep track and monitor the situation in real time and gives you a chance to take corrective action immediately, if required.

RDL – remote download

TachoEASY transfers the data from your vehicles mass-storage device, as well as driving data from the digital tachograph to the system of your company and automatically uploads them in the software. In addition, driving-, as well as resting-times will be automatically uploaded in accordance with legally required intervals. These data provide a reliable basis for tour planning. The remaining driving time is calculated live. This on-time calculation allows drivers to pro-actively avoid violations and fines. Legal requirements for data management of your digital tachograph, as well as the legally required surveillance of driving-, working-, and resting-times are being adhered to.

Bild: Automatisches Fernauslesen / RDL
Screenshot BlueLOGICO®: Kommunikation


BlueLOGICO® is equipped with a communication center which enables dispatchers and/or fleet managers to sending messages directly to the driver. As soon as their drivers are equipped with the TachoEASY driver display, they will receive such messages, navigation targets, or changes of routes or tours directly in the vehicle. Using the answer option of the message, the driver can either confirm receipt or report is current status. This simplifies basic communication and saves numerous phonecalls.

POI & zone search

POIs (points of interest) are named locations with geographical assignment. POIs can be defined and created for any or all of your customers for more convenient planning of tours. In addition the function “Zonensuche” (zone search) cam be used to determine, if and in which time frame a vehicle was present and/or left a defined area or zone.

Screenshot BlueLOGICO®: POIs und Zonensuche
Screenshot BlueLOGICO®: Ereignisse und Events

Occurrencies & events

BlueLOGICO® offers a built in event system. You can for example compare the current position or location of your vehicles to the pre-defined POIs or routing. As soon as one of your vehicles using the TEOS®-App enters a pre-defined zone, a notification is created and sent. Example: Arrival- and departure-times at the warehouse should be registered for each and any vehicle. In order to achieve that goal, an event has to be created that sends a message upon each and any entry or departure of the pre-defined POI “warehouse.”


The reporting function enables you to create pre-defined reports, generate PDF documents and print whenever required. You have a variety of reports in various, different categories at your disposal.

Screenshot BlueLOGICO®: Reports / Berichte / Auswertungen

Optimize the deployment of your fleet

„The telematics-software BlueLOGICO® offers countless opportunities to optimize our fleet and calculate tours and/or routes efficiently. With the help of the constantly available and fast GPS-signal we know at any time where our fleet is located. This allows us to effectively use and coordinate our entire fleet. In very rare cases of technical problems we can rely on the services of the support team.”

Information privacy & safety

Information protection

We take information and data protection very seriously! Therefor we recommend and offer you to store the data where they belong – in your company. We provide and deliver the perfect and pre-configured hardware. In addition to the in-house storage of your data, we can also offer the hosting and administration of your data in our TachoEASY data processing center. This option not only assures a high availability of your data, but also the highest level of data privacy and safety.



In-House data storage

Data, such as client details, tour our routing information, and order administration do not only play a key role in your company. Such data represent the capital of your company. This is the main reason you want to make sure that data are best stored where they belong to – in your company. We recommend inhouse-solutions to all our customers. In addition, we recommend to our customers to exercise extreme caution with internet-based solutions. Keeping your system in-house assures maximum control on usage details, such as the when, where, who, and which parts of the system were used or are used.

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