Digital vehicle- and tire file

Administer all your data centrally with the help of the vehicle- and tire file.

The module vehicle- and tire file allows you easy, clearly arranged, and centrally kept administration of your entire fleet and all their tires. This module assists you in administering the following data: basic information about your vehicles, registration date, tour options, pictures, and tire details and data.

Vehicle file

The digital vehicle file allows you to administer all base data of your vehicles. Current milage, fueling intervals, inspection intervals, annual main inspection data, required maintenance and repair procedures are clearly presented by the digital vehicle file.

Screenshot BlueLOGICO®: Digitale Fahrzeugakte
Bild: Integriertes Dokumentenmanagement

Integrated document-management

The digital vehicle file assists you in keeping your papers and details up-to-date and any time – ranging from required papers of your vehicle to information about the main inspection all the way to fuel invoices. If required, financing and/or insurance details and data can be added, as well.

CO2 categorization

In connection with the C02 categorization of the vehicle parameter such as the calculation of the emission are registered. The guided data entry assists you in entering the required and proper parameters.

Bild CO2-Kategorisierung
Screenshot BlueLOGICO®: Digitale Reifenakte

Tire file

The digital tire file assists you in entering and organizing the basic data for any of your tires and their proper assignment to any given vehicle. Important information, such as milage details, replacement schedules of tires, recutting of the profile can be entered and kept trach of rather easily. The digital tire file also assists you in connecting sensor technology for easier control of tire pressures.

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