TachoEASY – Disposition (planning) and telematics 4.0 for your truck fleet

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Dispostion & telematics

BlueLOGICO® is an innovative state-of-the-art planning and telematics software. The tool was created working closely together with the TÜV SÜD (technical inspection authority south Germany) and with the assistance of the European Union. Considering and appreciating different users and user interests or needs we decided to custom tailor the platforms in accordance with the specified user group (i.e. managing director, fleet manager, planning clerk, or driver Communication and coaching are possible in real time. From managing a small business to a huge fleet, we are capable of tailoring the individual modules in accordance with your needs or your definition of needs for any specific user group. Our software is ready for use right after installation. It is easy to handle and does not require any special knowledge. TachoEASY disposition and telematics 4.0 collects, administers and analyzes your data. Communication and coaching are handled on a real-time basis.

Screenshot BlueLOGICO®: LKW-Telematik kostenfrei testen!

Reduce costs and determine carbon usage

Using TachoEASY disposition and telematics 4.0 safes several thousand Euros per truck and year. Fuel consumption and carbon output are reduced. In addition, the software calculates the greenhouse gas (GHG or THG) emissions in real time in accordance with DIN EN 16258.

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