Automated logbook

fleetendo® - the very different logbook

The logbook is certified by the technical inspection agency (TÜV Süd) and assists you to record all your rides timely and completely. The tracking complies with financial administration criteria, saves time and money, and reduces any possible tension of drivers and/or management.

Fully automated logbook

fleetendo® is our fully automated, electronic logbook. It was developed based on the requirements of our customers and fulfills all criteria specified by the tax authority. fleetendo® was also tested, scrutinized and certified by the technical inspection agency TÜV-Süd.

PDF Auszug Fahrtenbuch
Screenshot fleetendo®: Fahrerportal

Driver portal

The timely and completely recorded GPS data will be made available exclusively to the driver. An input device in the car enables the driver to make private drives “invisible.” Access to the private logbook is protected by user name and password. Drivers can change their individual user name and the related password as often as needed. Supplements and additions or clarifications are possible at any time. Recording and collection of receipts and supporting documents all the way to travel expense reports, time scheduling and route planning made easy and swiftly.

Fleet managers

Fleet managers can only access to anonymized data of a group of vehicles. All data are coded and stored anonymously on a server in a central data center. It is not possible to track or a specific vehicle and their drivers. Nevertheless, disposition and payroll office are authorized access to all logbooks to allow central and globalized reporting. Collection of data for calculation of vehicle costs and current positions of vehicles can be determined easily.

Screenshot fleetendo®: Portal für Fuhrparkverantwortlichen
Bild: Datenschutz und Arbeitnehmerrecht

Data security and employees law and rights

In oder to ensure requirements of data security and employee law and rights are properly taken care of some organizational activities are necessary in the company:

  • users of the system (drivers or fleet managers) are not authorized or allowed to pass access data on to anybody
  • physical or electronic access to company-internal data storage devices has to be limited to the responsible personnel
  • data access can be limited to the company internal intranet or a restircted VPN connection


The following modules have been created to take care of the different requirements and needs or our customers. All of these modules are considering operational or legal requirements.


localization of the company car fleet


electronic logbook for the drives of company cars

eco driving

saving of operating cost without route tracking

eco tracking

saving of operating costs including route tracking

user based insurance (UBI)

insurance models based telematic systems

Bild: Übersicht der Module

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