Tour planning & order management

TEOS® App – route or tour planning & order management

Module 1 can be ordered in addition to the basic module of the TEOS®-App. This module is quite important and very helpful. It assists you in planning and optimizing your tours or routes, takes care of order tracking and administration. The navigation can be performed and shown by BlueLOGICO® and the TEOS®-App.

Route or tour planning & optimization

Efficient and economic planning of routes or tours can be so easy. Establish and define loading and unloading points, and use BlueLOGICO®  to calculate the most efficient sequence. Under consideration of pre-defined data such as vehicle measurements, loading weight, etc. details such as routing, drive duration, fuel usage, and CO² emissions will be calculated.

Screenshot BlueLOGICO®: Tourenplanung und Optimierung
Screenshot TEOS®-App: Auftragsmanagement

Order administration

Enter new orders and send them with the assistance of the TEOS®-App directly to the smartphone of the driver. You can choose from a variety of different order types and use the assistance of the order assistant, if required.


Send the navigation destinations directly to the TEOS®-App. As soon as the driver receives the destination details, he will start the navigation. The navigation will be performed with the standardized navigation-app of the android device.

Bild: Navigation TEOS®-App
TEOS®-App Modules

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