TEOS® telematics application

TEOS®-App – The telematics application for drivers

TEOS®-App – a powerful and comprehensive tool that assures perfect cooperation and communication among drivers and your company. The large number of phonecalls used to communicate order, order details and special instructions or requirements among dispatchers, fleet managers, and drivers is now replaced by the TEOS®-App, your perfect, digital system. Routes, complete tours, and orders can be sent directly to the TEOS®-App of the driver. The driver receives such messages in real-time, and can either start routes or tours directly, document activities, and much more.

Perfect cooperation and communicating among driver and dispatcher

The TEOS®-App was developed in close cooperation with drivers. It’s the main goal is to improve the daily business, especially the communication among drivers and the company.

In our following instruction video you can watch how a driver and a dispatcher use the TEOS®-App for order management and control.

All-in-one solution for disposition & telematics – Try free for 14 days!

Zusammenarbeit zwischen Fahrer und Fuhrparkverwaltung

TEOS®-App – all a driver really needs

The TEOS®-App was developed with and for drivers to improve the communication with the dispatcher and/or fleet manager. Improving the handling of other tasks (i.e. order management) was another goal to be achieved. The TEOS®-App is the perfect counter-part to our disposition & telematics software BlueLOGICO®.

BlueLOGICO® for fleet managers and dispatchers

BlueLOGICO® is the powerful software for disposition and telematics by TachoEASY. BlueLOGICO® represents the counter-part for the TEOS®-App and includes any and all information relevant to your fleet, processed clearly and understandably, its handling is intuitive.

Für Disponent und Fuhrparkleiter

A modular system, as distinct and unique as your company

Similar to our basic-software BlueLOGICO®, the TEOS®-App of TachoEASY is also constructed in modules. Just start with the basic module and expand your package at any time. The basic module is very powerful and includes the following functions.

Track & Trace

Where are your trucks currently located? Are the predetermined routes or tours being adhered to? The TEOS®-App answers your questions (and even more) with the help of locating and tracking features. As soon as a driver registers in the TEOS®-App and/or logs her- or himself onto the system, the GPS position and the route or tour is automatically recorded. Any live positions, routes, or tours are recorded based an accuracy of a meter, or two. These data will be used to calculate effectivity and efficiency of specific routes or tours. This way it is quite easy to keep track of your entire fleet at any time.

Screenshot BlueLOGICO®: Ortung und Spurennachverfolgung
Screenshot TEOS®-App: Live Informationen

Live information

The TEOS®-App provides the current position and the driven routes or tours of any selected driver, as well as additional live information specified and deemed appropriate. Drivers can enter any activities in the system and thereby properly record the data in real time. Pre-defined activities simplify the operation significantly.


The TEOS®-App enables and permits an efficient communication among the driver, the dispatcher, and the fleet manager. Using the TEOS®-App text message from the driver can be sent to the dispatcher, or vice versa.

This simplifies communication significantly, saves a large number of phonecalls and lots of money.

Screenshot TEOS®-App: Kommunikation
Screenshot TEOS®-App: POIs und Zonensuche

POIs & zone search

Define, manage, and administer POIs (Points of Interest) at your convenience. Even if your driver using the TEOS®-App on his smart-phone is at the site of a new customer, the POI can easily be entered and registered in BlueLOGICO®, other data or details can be entered. Using the POI search function, dispatchers find out immediately which driver is located at any, specific POI.

Event system

Using our event system the current position or location of your vehicles is compared to the pre-defined POIs or routing. As soon as one of your vehicles using the TEOS®-App enters a pre-defined zone, a notification is created and sent. Example: Arrival- and departure-times at the warehouse should be registered for each and any vehicle. In order to achieve that goal, an event has to be created that sends a message upon each and any entry or departure of the pre-defined POI “warehouse.”

Screenshot BlueLOGICO®: Ereignisse und Events

Easy and uncomplicated selection from a variety of modules.

The basic system can easily be extended with various modules. Please find an overview over the various modules listed below. By just combining the functions of BlueLOGICO® and the TEOS®-App a variety of functions can be used to optimize your fleet.

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