Driving-style analysis & evaluation

FMS-data represent the basis for the driving-style analysis

The basic information for both, the module driving-style analysis, as well as the ECO-trainer (evaluation of the driving style) are being retrieved from the FMS-module. As soon as the telematic-box can access data of the fleet management interface, data can be transmitted, analyzed, and processed to accommodate both modules, the driving-style analysis, and the ECO-trainer.

Driving-style analysis

Evaluation of the driving-style

With the connection of the telemetic-box, basic telemetric data such as rotational speed of the engine, current position of the gas pedal, cruise-control data, breaking applications will be recorded and transmitted to our system.

Combining the data from the acceleration sensor of the telematics-box and the height-profile of the GPS-information, the BLUELOGICO® system analyzes the driving-style on a uniform basis. The director of the company or the fleet manager can use these data to determine, which one of their drives is already driving efficiently and economically, and which ones may need additional training to improve their performance.

Screenshot BlueLOGICO®: Fahrstilanalyse
Bild: Bewertung des Fahrverhaltens

Evaluation of the driving-style

The driving-style analysis feature can be used to analyze and evaluate the driving-style of any driver. It is also possible to weigh the data as defined or required to adapt the system for your company requirements or specifics.

Comparability of data

To ensure meaningful comparability of data, the system analyzes and compares optionally driving-styles on any given tour, a tour performed with a certain type of vehicle, or a combination of both.

In addition the comparison of data, as well as comparison with average data allow to improve performance data over time or determine which vehicle is best to be used for which job.

Screenshot BlueLOGICO®: Übersicht über das Fahrverhalten
Bild: Fahrerranking

Ranking of drivers

The module driving-style analyzes can be used to motivate your employees and reduce costs at the same time. An internal ranking of your drives provides you with the opportunity to reward your TOP-drivers. We recommend to evaluate and reward your top-drives on y regular basis. Even better, communicate the actions taken among all employees, or drivers. This will certainly motivate your drivers even further to optimize and improve their driving style for the benefit of both, themselves, as well as the company. Overall performance will improve and become more cost effective.

ECO - trainer

On-board driving trainer

As soon as your drivers are equipped with mobile terminals such as the TachoEASY driver displays, the not only receive messages, navigation target data, or possible route changes, the system also allows for live information to the driver for training purposes. The driver sees in real-time how he should change his driven style to improve and/or optimize any tour. This will also reduce fuel costs and help avoiding accidents.

Screenshot DriverDisplay: Fahrertraining

Mobile terminals

Each and any company has special requirements to a mobile device. Size, weight, functionality, holding device, or the like are just a marginal number of factors that have to be considered and optimized.

Our staff stands ready to assist you in determining and selecting the perfect terminal for your company.

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