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TachoLOG® data management plain and simple.

TachoLOG® is your ideal software for data management of the digital speedometer. Based on the legal requirements and the responsibilities of the company to keep track or the driving-, working-, and resting times of the drivers several guidelines have to be adhered to. Starting with the 15th of June 2019 all new vehicles had to be equipped with the new, so-called smart generation of technographic equipment or speedometers. In addition to the second generation of technographic equipment or speedometers (so-called smart technograph or speedometer,) new control cards were introduced (driver-, company-, control-, and repair-shop cards.) Thr TachoLOG® - system allows you to download, evaluate, and archive data collected by either the new hardware or cards.

Legal requirements

The following legal requirements are easily taken care of with TachoLOG®:

  • regular download of data from technographic equipment of all vehicles, as well as driver and other cards
  • archiving of all data
  • evaluation of data based on various criteria
  • creation of a variety of reports based on your data
  • archiving of vehicle specific data, as well as driver card
Bild: Gesetzliche Anforderungen
Screenshot TachoLOG®: Übersicht über Termine & Fälligkeiten

Overview of deadlines & due dates

Everything at a glance: Right after starting-up the TachoLOG® system all appointments and/or due dates are shown in chronological order. The appointments can be grouped individually, imported, or filtered as required. The selection of the type of appointment can be defined by you or your needs (i.e. download driver card, calibration of the speedometer system, or renewal of the driver’s license.)

Import of driver’s or vehicle data

The USB chip-card reader (included with your system) allows you a fully automated read-out of your driver’s cards. The handling could not be made any easier for you: Start TachoLOG® and enter the driver’s card – everything else is taken care of by the TachoLOG® - system for you. Even archiving of driver’s cards and vehicle specific data is very easy. Just connect the readout-tool. TachoLOG® recognizes the media or volume automatically and starts searching for original data or master files. At the push of a button data will be imported completely.

Screenshot TachoLOG®: Datenimport
Screenshot TachoLOG®: Aussagekräftige Auswertungen

Meaningful reports and analyses

TachoLOG® provides you with all reports to fulfill the legal requirements – and even more!  TachoLOG® includes – among others – the following reports:

  • driver’s violation reports, including driving and resting times, as well as proper usage of the control unit required by the Working Time Act
  • economically relevant analysis (i.e. kilometers driven, shift specifics, resting times, etc.)
  • each and any of these reports can be exported in a format, which will allow the allow processing in external systems (i.e. bookkeeping or payroll systems)

Document management & archiving

TachoLOG® offers more! TachoLOG® includes a complete document management system. You plan to manage all data and documents referring to your drivers or vehicles centrally and digitally? TachoLOG® is YOUR system! ONE system for proper handling and archiving of ALL your documents – starting from specific data to and of the driver, warehouse clerk, external sales, truck or car, even including fork-lifts. In addition, several other details can be organized – i.e. driver’s licenses, driver’s cards, special papers for dangerous goods, service bills, maintenance certificates and schedules, and lots of other documents your are free to specify can and will be kept in ONE program!

Screenshot TachoLOG®: Dokumentenmanagement & Archivierung
Screenshot TachoLOG®: Nachweisführung und Belehrung

Proof tracking

Transport companies are legally required to provide proof of their actions, especially the ones required by law at any time and/or whenever a control authority requests such proof. Even this requirement is easily taken care of with TachoLOG®! Whichever documents are required or requested by the aurhority, they are available in the system!

Flexibility in selecting your reading device

Import of tachographic data, no matter from which source! TachoLOG® is capable to detect data sources reliably and will import such data accordingly. It does not matter, if such data are being stored, archived, or kept on an USB-stick, chip-card reader, or being retrieved via remote download from another system – as long as data are available error-free, TachoLOG® will import such data. This can even be accomplished fully automatic in the background!

Bild: Flexibilität in der Wahl der Auslesegeräte
Screenshot TachoLOG®: Benutzerverwaltung

User management

Who is authorized to do what in TachoLOG®? TachoLOG® serves as a tool to achieve legally required administration of the data received from a digital control device. Any company is better of tightly restricting and controlling usage of such, partially critical or confidential data. TachoLOG® provides you with a complete system that allows you to precisely define user rights and keep track of the usage information at any time.

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Information protection

We take information and data protection very seriously! Therefor we recommend and offer you to store the data where they belong – in your company. We provide and deliver the perfect and pre-configured hardware. In addition to the in-house storage of your data, we can also offer the hosting and administration of your data in our TachoEASY data processing center. This option not only assures a high availability of your data, but also the highest level of data privacy and safety.

In-house data storage

Data, such as client details, tour our routing information, and order administration do not only play a key role in your company. Such data represent the capital of your company. This is the main reason you want to make sure that data are best stored where they belong to – in your company. We recommend inhouse-solutions to all our customers. In addition, we recommend to our customers to exercise extreme caution with internet-based solutions. Keeping your system in-house assures maximum control on usage details, such as the when, where, who, and which parts of the system were used or are used.

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