Fleet management:
How intelligent solutions support you

August 20th, 2020

Your company and employees benefit significantly from the usage of the targeted fleet management system. The support of an intelligent system is basically indispensable in the areas of fleet management, disposition, and telematics in today’s, digital world. These systems support drivers, dispatchers, and fleet management throughout the entire planning process. In this article we inform you how dispatchers and fleet management can benefit working with telematic data.

Real-time data – the basis for decision-making

Your telematic system provides you with important real-time data about your entire fleet. Efficient fleet management starts with basic data, such as current position of your vehicles, current status of any given order, or operating times of all entities involved in the process.

Successful tour planning and job controlling

The core tasks of fleet management and dispatchers optimal fleet operation. Tour planning and job controlling should be centered on profitability, loading and unloading points planned in the most efficient sequence. Our dispositon & telematic software solution BlueLOGICO® assists your efforts in tour planning by calculating the optimal route. Your defined guidelines, such as vehicle dimensions, loading details and remaining driving time are being considered in the calculations. Proper planning of tours not only increases profitability, but also minimizes empty runnings. Driver efficiency and punctuality are optimized at the same time. 

From the head-office to the vehicle

Tour planning is only as good as the communication between dispatcher and driver. Proper and direct coordination is essential. Dispatcher and driver need to be interconnected and updates have to be passed on immediately. BlueLOGICO® is THE tool to use. Orders, text messages, tour information, and the like can be sent from the system directly to the driver’s terminal (Smartphone or tablet) using our TEOS®-App. Drivers are kept informed on a real-time basis about route adjustments, new orders, or important updates or information of the dispatcher. Communication works both ways. The driver can send the dispatcher different messages or information all the way to documents for his signature, or pictures.

Within the bounds of the permissible at all times

Driver law provides various guidelines to avoid fatigue, excessive demand, and/or exploitation of the drivers. The telematics solution assists you to include (remaining-) driving and resting times in tour planning and allows you to keep an eye on that important data all the time. The system down-or uploads driving and resting times automatically. These data are the basis of your planning. The live updates of driving and resting times not only help the dispatcher in his decision making, they also assist the driver to actively avoid paying steep fines for violation of legal guidelines. The driver is kept informed about important data by the TEOS®-App. This helps to not only monitor, but also manage legal requirements. 

This article informed you about a few advantages of a telematics system. Each and any company that is networked with their drivers with a proper system safes time and money. Please contact us. We stand ready to work with you to analyze and define your processes, needs, and requirements.

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