Order management with BlueLOGICO®
and the TEOS®-App

August 15th, 2020

Flexible processing of orders

An effective planning of orders is the basis for economic success in transport & logistic. BlueLOGICO® supports dispatchers in the planning of orders to ensure the most efficient route or tour is automatically assigned and the best qualified driver selected. BlueLOGICO® can be used to enter orders directly or imported. In case drivers are using the TEOS®-App or the DriverDisplay, orders can be transmitted securely to the smartphone or the tablet of the driver. Tour changes and/or new destinations can be entered by the dispatcher into BlueLOGICO®. The tour will be modified automatically. The automated route adaption assists you in real-time to optimize the route or tour. The driver can check the modified tour on his smarphone.

Keep your drivers up-to-date

Both tools, the TEOS®-App and the DriverDisplay, allow your drivers not only to stay informed, but also to enter order-related details. The driver can change the status of the order (e.g. in process) at any time. Information and status-updates are being displayed to the dispatcher in real-time.


Effective communication

The software is equipped with a communication center which enables dispatchers and/or fleet managers to sending messages directly to the driver. This center also enables dispatchers or drivers to confirm receipt via the built-in answering option. This way drivers are not distracted from their main responsibility – driving.

Always selecting the best routes

A flexible order management system requires an option that translates orders into efficient routes or tours. BlueLOGICO® uses an intelligent algorithm for automatic route and tour planning. The algorithm considers diverse parameters, such as driving times of the driver, or even freight restrictions.

Your advantages at a glance

  • flexible order management

  • optimized routes and tours

  • reduction of administrative efforts

  • enhancement of service level

  • satisfied customers and drivers

  • increased transparency

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